This Simple Fix Protects Your Dog & Your Car From Unexpected Mishaps

Many dogs gets excited when it's time to take a car ride. Sometimes, they get a little too excited...

But is there any better expression of unconditional love than the one on your dog’s face? It’s written all over.

Smitten with everything about you: the sound of your voice, your smell, the smile on your face. And the tail-wagging rapture that greets you every day. You would do anything for your dog.

Some dogs only get a ride in the car on special occasions (like the trip to the vet they love so much). And for other dogs, taking a car ride might be a daily occurrence and the chaos that comes with it is part of your day.

The inside of your car may be like a battle zone! Paw prints, claw marks, drool droplets and piddle spots not to mention the dog hair strewn all about inside. And as you wonder about when you will get to clean your car next and the long term damage caused.

Rear Car Seat Covers For Dogs

Your Pup Can’t Help Making A Mess In The Car But You Can Help Your Wallet Save A Bundle On Cleanup With Just One Simple Fix

Traveling with your dog is a blast, but the cleanup? Not so much. Even the most well trained dogs can’t help getting pretty dirty from time to time and the well behaved dogs can still inflict a little unintentional damage to your car.

All dogs shed fur, bathroom accidents are always a possibility and if car sickness becomes a problem, well that’s another one on the list but you don’t have to let it interfere with your fun though; if you protect your seats and car interior from dirt, hair and slobber so you can have a worry free time when travelling with your dog.

Protect Your Seats & Interior With A Durable Barrier That Captures The Dog Hair That Gets Trodden Into Your Seats & Carpet

By providing protection for your seats through a layered high quality, waterproof, breathable, padded, quilted deluxe Oxford fabric, your new seat cover is quick to install with adjustable clips and easy to clean with a vacuum or washing down with the hose and you can even throw it into the washer on gentle cycle for a more thorough cleaning.

Slash spending at car wash vacuum stations, on spot cleaners and stain removers or professional car detailing a lot of people use. And an excellent investment if you want to maximize the value of your vehicle and keep it looking clean. And you can make sense of how this works for you.

YOU WILL LOVE IT (So Will Your Dog)!

Get the best protection for your car seats and give your four-legged friend plenty of plush treatment.

The cover comes with seat belt openings, straps to fit head rests and a non-slip backing. Made from a high quality water proof material which will stand up to scratching, protecting your seats from any damage. Our cover is a breeze to install, simply snap the buckle straps around the head rests, secure the anchor and you’re ready to go!

Back Seat Pet Cover For Dogs

  • Ease any growing frustration with your dog’s ways
  • Forget about dog hair strewn all about the cabin of your car
  • No longer worry about paw prints, drool droplets or the occasional sloshy tinkle
  • Claw marks and the typical damage that dogs inflict on upholstery will be a thing of the past

And you’ll start protecting your car now while keeping your interior in good shape years down the line when you buy a dog seat cover for your car, truck or 4WD or SUV.


Made from High Quality, Luxury Quilted Waterproof Fabric, together with its built in Safety Features, will ensure Total Protection. The heavy duty, superior quality anti-slip base works great even with leather seats. Take your dog in the car without any water, dirt or hair left behind and protect your seats from any permanent scratching damage!

Durable Dog Car Seat Cover


Your upholstery is shielded from sharp nails, slimy slobber and you are protected against the typical damage that dogs inflict on upholstery.

Secure Dog Car Seat Cover


Made from a durable waterproof material that is non-slip keeping your dog stable during the ride, with secure attachments to keep everything in place.

Simple Pet Car Seat Cover


Designed for ease of use with headrest loops, quick release clips and integrated seat belt openings and seat anchors – simple but highly effective.


Get early access to a limited supply from this emerging international brand, not found in American stores, available exclusively to you through this market test launch.

Be an American Pioneer, be the first at the dog park to have the latest…and best deal.

To claim this great low price simply agree to send your feedback once you receive your order, that’s all we ask. It really is important to us to make sure we’re giving modern dog owners exactly what they are looking for.

We’re finalizing arrangements and stock will be arriving at our Florida warehouse soon, when we’ll have to set the final price, ahead of the full brand launch later in the year and people who don’t order now might have to pay double the price…or more later.

During our market test launch (and for this price), your order is sent direct to you from our overseas warehouse and may take around twenty days to arrive at your door.

So to sweeten the deal, not only will you get the car seat cover in the color and size you choose but we’ll also include…in the same package…a FREE Dog Safety Harness in a color and size that you choose, valued at $19.95, but yours FREE when you order today.


You won’t spend a minute longer distracted from the concentration of driving and stop worrying about your dogs and your seats…You’ll instantly start noticing how much cleaner your car is…You’ll know the days of pouring money down the drain on expensive cleaning products are over!  And that this is perfect for busy and active dog parents…

As we’re doing a market test, we’re not sure what to price this at, we’re going to price this now very low to see if this is what people really need but we’re going to pull it after about a week because we’re not sure if this is the price we are going to want to charge and it may go up later.

ACT NOW to get early access to this limited supply of stylish, luxury, Oxford quilted car seat covers available in three popular colors, to match your car’s interior, and a range of sizes to suit different vehicles, starting from $46.97.

Click the “BUY NOW” button below to go to the order page where you can select your color and size and place your order immediately!


We're confident that you'll love our deluxe, quilted car seat covers and we're positive that they'll protect your seats and save you time, effort and money cleaning your car.

Our deluxe quilted car seat cover is backed by our No Risk 12 Month Quality Guarantee so if your car seat cover is ripped, torn or damaged within the first 12 months, we’ll send you a replacement, absolutely free. You simply send us a photo of your damaged car seat cover and we’ll send out your free replacement immediately, and pay the freight.




To say “Thank You” for being a part of our market test and Ordering The Deluxe Quilted Car Seat Cover, you’ll also be receiving your FREE Adjustable Dog Safety Belt Harness worth $19.95 to keep your dog secure while travelling in the car. The perfect compliment to your new car seat cover.



To take advantage of this pre-launch, market test offer, ORDER NOW and you’ll get a Durable Stylish Quilted Car Seat Cover that will help protect your seats and car interior from mud, fur, claws, and pet odor PLUS FREE Adjustable Dog Safety Belt Harness worth $19.95…so you can have a worry free time when travelling with your dog.

✓ Installs firmly in all vehicles with headrests and are equipped with seat belt openings, anchor tie, a non-slip, durable, water-resistant backing offers added protection against accidents and easy to clean.

✓ Provides protection through high quality, breathable Oxford fabric that is waterproof, washable and stain resistant.

✓ Easy to put in and remove with strong adjustable straps for easy installation & secure fit.

✓ Soft-touch quilted fleece, padded for comfort and the perfect accessory for daily errands with your pooch or longer road trips.

A good car seat cover does a lot more than just protect your seats from muddy pups, it can actually save you money over the lifetime of your vehicle.

Our deluxe car seat cover protects your car seats and interior with an effective protective barrier that traps dog hair and dirt.

Plus, if you Order Now, you’ll also get your BONUS FREE Dog Safety Seat Belt Harness worth $19.95.

Simply click the link below to go to the order page where you can select your color and size, as well as your bonus, and place your order immediately!

Click the “BUY NOW” button above to order now and you’ll get a Durable Stylish Quilted Car Seat Cover that will help protect your seats and car interior from mud, fur, claws, and pet odor PLUS FREE Adjustable Dog Safety Belt Harness worth $19.95…so you can have piece of mind.

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